The Wright Dialogue with Industry - July 18-20, 2017 daytondefense
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Walk Through the Digital Thread

Please join us 20 July 2016 in Room 306 to Walk Through the Digital Thread starting at 1:00 PM.

The Walk Through the Digital Thread event will highlight AFRL’s Digital Thread strategy/plan in an interactive format.  We have carefully selected a collection of ongoing AFRL projects to exhibit to the WDI audience.  While each of these projects tells a different part of the Digital Thread story, taken together the collection touches nearly the entire acquisition lifecycle, illustrates the AFRL Digital Thread “recipe” in action, and elucidates emerging threads and remaining gaps.  With just a little squinting, a fuzzy image of the Digital Thread integrated concept is expected to emerge as the audience “walks through” from project to project.

Our goals for this event include providing the audience with a more thorough understanding of the complex Digital Thread concept; illuminating ongoing and nascent areas of AFRL Digital Thread investment; publicizing several Digital Thread successes and transition opportunities; and giving current and potential AFRL collaborators an opportunity to interact directly with a broad range of AFRL scientists and engineers responsible for developing different aspects of the Digital Thread.


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